Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions regarding wells and well water we receive. If you don’t see your question, please contact us.

Of course, that’s what we do.

In most cases, the problem is a well pump or related equipment problem. The best course of action is to call our office & tell us what is going on. We can then determine if a service call will be necessary to fix the problem.

Although it depends on the specific nature of the problem, most repairs can be completed the same day.

Many water problems can be narrowed down based upon a discussion of symptoms with our experienced staff. Specific recommendations for testing may be made based upon your experience with your water.

When purchasing a new home or property with a well you should be concerned about

1) how much water the well produces,
2) the quality of the water, and
3) the condition of the well related equipment.

Although well conditions are subject to change, proper testing during the property inspection phase can identify problems that can dramatically effect the enjoyment of your new home. See Well Production Testing and Water Quality Testing for more details.

We have developed a number of cost effective water testing packages based upon commonly encountered water contaminants. Call our office and we will be happy to discuss your specific concerns and recommend the proper testing to meet your individual needs. See Well Production Testing and Water Quality Testing for more details.

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