What to Do About Low Water Pressure on a Well System

Low water pressure can affect the performance of household appliances and result in a less enjoyable and less than optimal use of water around your home. Understanding the potential causes of low water pressure and how to remedy it is critical. Trust the experts at GeoWater Services to guide you through the process.

Check Your System

Firstly, examine your entire water well system, including the pressure tank and pressure switch. If your pressure tank is waterlogged or if your pressure switch is malfunctioning, these can contribute to lower water pressure. Similarly, if the pressure tank isn’t large enough for your household’s water usage, you may experience lapses in water pressure.

Examine the Pipes

Restricted water flow due to blocked, corroded, or leaky pipes can affect water pressure as well. After years of use, minerals can build up in your pipes, narrowing the diameter and inhibiting the flow of water. Regular pipe maintenance can prevent this issue and ensure steady water pressure.  This should be done by a professional water well company.

The Pump Could Be to Blame

The well pump plays a significant role in maintaining water pressure. If the pump is worn out or not powerful enough for your water needs, it can result in low water pressure. Our team at GeoWater Services can help assess your pump’s performance and, if necessary, recommend a replacement that can better meet your needs.

Adjust Your Pressure Switch

Most well systems have a pressure switch that you can adjust to increase the water pressure. However, it’s essential to proceed cautiously when adjusting the switch, as setting the pressure too high can strain the pump and potentially lead to a shorter lifespan for your system.

Well Maintenance

Regular well maintenance is a preventative measure that can help you avoid low water pressure issues. Regular pressure tank inspections, well cleanings, routine pump maintenance, and pipe inspections can keep your well system performing optimally.

Consult the Experts

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