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Jodan Keaton Avatar

Called with no water to my house. Very nice office staff. They arrived the same day and replaced my well pump. Back in water before that evening. Great people and great service!

Jodan Keaton 12/15/2017
Andreas Suter Avatar

5-star experience from Geowater! Our well pump died and we had the occasion to call out other companies in addition to Geowater. It was a night and day difference with Geowater. They went above and beyond diagnosing our system, thoroughly testing everything from fuses to the switch to the wiring, all the way out to the well head. Even when I called to schedule the appointment Rich went through some troubleshooting over the phone. I was told it might be 4-5 days before other companies could get to us, but Geowater fit us in the same day. From the staff at the office to the tech who came out, they genuinely seemed to empathize with our plight.

Scott arrived promptly (early, in fact), and after determining the pump at least needed to be tested (if not replaced), he quickly pulled the pump up and discovered the pump was almost 40 years old and completely toast. Even though it was raining it didn't slow down the replacement.

He ran through a few options along with prices, and after I agreed to the quote he just as quickly installed a brand new pump. He walked through each component of the system (since I was curious to know) and answered any question I had. The price in the end was hundreds of dollars less than other quotes I received, to boot.

I expected the installation to happen on another day but was pleasantly surprised to learn their trucks are fully-stocked to handle it the same visit. It also didn't take nearly as long as I expected to replace.

We also used Geowater years ago when we bought our house, for testing GPM and contamination. Their service was prompt then, too.

I will absolutely use Geowater again, and I highly recommend you do, too!

Andreas Suter 6/23/2016
Chris Trent Avatar

I had Geo water out to my house to chlorinate and the following year replace my well pump. After the pump was replaced I felt the water pressure was less and contacted them about it. I spoke to the owner of Geo Water and he said he would send someone out to run some test. These guys came back, pulled the pump up again, tested it and it was running to specs. So they dug a little deeper and it turns out that my hose line had a block in it (ya I felt stupid). L Anyway these guys truly care about customer satisfaction and their business name. They spent a lot of time with me not only on the phone but running back to my house all for something that wasn't their fault. It's hard to find companies like Geo Water these days. These guys truly are professionals and take pride in their work and name, and stand by it! Thanks you Geo Water, you've giving me back a little faith that there are still great businesses out there. I would recommend them to anyone and will not hesitate to use them again. Chris H

Chris Trent 6/12/2016
Shanna S. Avatar

5 star rating I had a poor experience with Geo Water. I called them in the evening because I was without water.  To avoid an after hours service call, I asked to schedule something for the next day. The next morning I received a call from the tech who gave me a 1-4pm window for the repair. I received a call around 3:30pm informing me that the tech was running late and would arrive at 4:30pm.  After waiting around all day the service tech finally arrived at 5:45pm.  He spent about 5 minutes troubleshooting and determined the problem was with my electrical and not my well.  I had a lot of questions about my well, but the tech was clearly in a hurry to leave (even though the minimum charges are 30 minutes).  He was gone by 6:00pm.  However, his fees were $147...for showing up extremely late and spending all but 15 minutes max on my issue. Had the tech taken 5 minutes to troubleshoot over the phone, the visit probably would've been unnecessary and I would have been spared this unpleasant experience.  Not to mention, I could have gone to work and scheduled an electrician to get my services up and running quicker.  I can understand a service charge when a visit is actually necessary, but by wasting my entire day and still charging a huge visit fee this company showed absolutely no respect for my time.  A little customer service goes a long way, Geo Water...try it!

Shanna S. 7/08/2016
Margaret C. Avatar

5 star rating Losers! This company will try to upsell the hell out of you! Made false claims about the county requiring things that were not true. I reported them to the county! Do not use them!!

Margaret C. 6/27/2016
Tanna M. Avatar

5 star rating We have used GeoWater twice in the last couple months and each time it has been a great experience. I first tried using a well company that was closer, but they never returned my call and when your pump is dead and you have zero water it is nice to have a company that actually responds to you. I called GeoWater the next day and delt with a nice man who tried to get someone out ASAP. Dave from GeoWater replaced our pump a couple days later and has helped us again this week with some other unrelated issues and he was great to work with both times. I will use GeoWater for all my needs in the future and have already recommended them to my family and friends who live up here.

Tanna M. 4/22/2016
Oren S. Avatar

5 star rating The guys here are extremely knowledgeable and also very generous with their time. The sign of integrity is being willing to walk away from business if it is unnecessary or outside ones scope of practice. The staff at Geowater reviewed my info and spent 15 minutes educating me only to determine that I didn't need their services unless there are adverse results from my home inspection. Give these guys a call, ask good questions and they will shoot straight and be fair.

Oren S. 12/10/2015
Mitchell D. Avatar

5 star rating What an amazing service. I had called another service provider prior and they blew me off for three days. I called this company in the morning and the woman on the phone was very pleasant. While in the call the provider was extremely knowledgeable in the services provided and was able to provide me with the information that I needed. I was able to have a service tech come out the same day. The tech arrived at the house in the time frame that was given to me and was able to provide the services that needed to be repaired. I would highly recommend this company to anyone who is having an issue at their establishment.

Mitchell D. 6/04/2015
Greg F. Avatar

5 star rating I called GeoWater Services for diagnosis and repair of my commercial well pump starter switch. The owner, Demo Dionis, came out personally to help. I found him to be personable and meticulous in his work. He successfully diagnosed a difficult problem and repaired the system, thereby saving me over $500 in additional unneeded parts. The rate he charged me was very fair. I would definitely call this company for any well related repairs.

Greg F. 4/03/2014
Susan H. Avatar

5 star rating We love these guys!  We've had quite a ride with our well.  We tested positive for some bacteria in our water and have had some other issues.  It seemed like every different well company gave us a different answer.  GeoWater was able to finally solve our problem.  We would've saved a lot of money had we gone to them in the first place.  They even have a little store front if you want to DIY and pick up the parts to maintenance your well. We accidentally broke 2 UV bulbs when replacing them ourselves on a weekend.  That was not the best idea to do because you can't but the UV bulbs on a weekend.  However, we called GeoWater and he had one of the weekend service guys meet us and sell us a bulb at market value instead of charging extra for meeting us on the weekend. Also, they're great with wells up in the mountains and are very knowledgeable about what you need to test, etc. They are just great. We had to do a significant amount of work our well recently.  We thought to get a 2nd opinion but trusted them and knew we only wanted their team doing the work.  We're glad we found them!

Susan H. 5/17/2013
Ray V. Avatar

I've been using this company for years now. I came back from vacation at 2:00 AM today and had no water. They found and fixed the problem today so all is well (no pun intended).

Ray V. 12/13/2017
Residential Customer Avatar

As you know, we have engaged your company twice on very significant projects involving domestic water needs… The magnitude of both projects was very challenging… Of course, you were able to meet the challenges not only in the purification of our well water, but the massive storage capacity and triple pump redundancy supplying the 17,000 square feet of domestic living space…. Certainly, I would highly recommend your company.

Residential Customer 12/13/2017
Residential Customer Avatar

We just want to let you know how much we appreciated the service we received from GeoWater yesterday. You went the extra mile to make sure that our water system was working properly. We will be very happy to recommend GeoWater to any of our friends who might need your help.

Residential Customer 12/13/2017
Commercial / Property Management Customer Avatar

I wanted to take the opportunity to let you know how much we appreciate all of the work you do for us. It is nice to have someone we can call who is knowledgeable and can do what it takes to restore drinkable water to our tenants. Thanks for being a vendor we can count on!

Commercial / Property Management Customer 12/13/2017
Residential Customer Avatar

… the system is working great. The water quality is amazing. We should have done this years ago…

Residential Customer 12/13/2017