Spring Runoff

By Mike Temple, GeoWater Services

spring-runoff-discolored-waterSpring runoff…ah, yes…goodbye, snow, hello, tannins!  Many homeowners experience discolored water when spring arrives.  Does your water look like tea or apple cider?

Naturally occurring colored substances in well water supplies can come from decaying organic matter.  When the snow melts quickly and the spring rains come, the ground becomes over saturated.  This can start a process similar to steeping tea, in which colored organics are leached from the soil and then enter the groundwater.  This phenomenon can last from weeks to months.

Many clients ask, “Is this water safe to drink?”  Safe is a very broad term; however, at a minimum, we recommend testing the water for bacteria.  With the possibility of over saturation in the area of a septic system, the potential for contamination exists.  A bacteria (potability) test will address this concern.

One of the most effective treatment methods for tannin removal is ion exchange utilizing an anionic resin.  Both an ion exchange and an organic absorption (sponge-like) process take place with this system.

Selecting the right treatment method requires the help of an experienced and knowledgeable water treatment professional that can evaluate all issues and options.  Prior to buying any equipment, obtain the expected performance in writing, or consider leasing with an option to purchase.

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