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Water Quality Testing / Laboratory Services

Water quality problems in private wells can range from simple taste, odor or staining problems, to serious health concerns.

Health Related (1)

  • Bacterial Contamination
  • Radionuclides: Radon, Uranium, Radium, Gross Alpha, Gross Beta
  • Inorganic Chemicals / Metals: Arsenic, Lead, Mercury, Nitrates, Fluoride, etc.
  • Organic Chemicals: Benzene, PCBs, etc.

Taste, Odor, Staining, Nuisance (2)

  • Hardness Minerals, Scale Build up
  • Inorganic Chemicals / Metals: Iron, Manganese Staining
  • Corrosivity / pH , High Dissolved Solids
  • Sulfur Reducing / Slime Forming Bacterias
  • Sulfur “Rotton Egg” Smells
  • Color / Cloudiness

As a State of Colorado certified drinking water laboratory (3), GeoWater Service has designed a number of cost effective drinking water testing packages. Although not designed to encompass all EPA Primary or Secondary level contaminants, our packages are designed cost effective approach to the most commonly encountered drinking water contaminants.

  • Testing of individual contaminants (Bacteria, Radon, Hardness, etc.)
  • Mini Water Quality Package
  • Standard Water Quality Package #1
  • Standard Water Quality Package #2
  • Comprehensive Water Quality Package
  • Radionuclide Package
  • Heavy Metals Package
  • Corrosivity Package
  • Customized, large spectrum screens can be developed to meet specific regulatory or site specific conditions. Please contact us for more details.

(1) For complete listing of EPA National Primary Drinking Water Regulations (Primary Contaminants), see {EPA link}

(2) At certain levels non-health related contaminants may become a health concern. For a complete listing of EPA Primary and Secondary Drinking Regulations (Primary & Secondary Contaminants), see {EPA link}

(3) State certified for Microbiological testing; Total Coliform Rule (TCR): Finished Water; Long Term Phase 2 Enhanced Surface Water Treatment Rule (LT2-ESWTR): Source Water

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